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Texas-051.jpg (15972 bytes) Grandpa fixed brisket, sausage and chicken for Saturday night.   Ethan ate this entire chicken leg!
Sunday we visited Natural Bridge Caverns.

Mimi stayed at the top since the floors were wet and slippery.

CRW_0952.jpg (16167 bytes)
CRW_0969.jpg (28490 bytes) Zach & Ethan soon got their "cave legs" and went exploring.
A quick portrait 300 feet below ground. CRW_0982.jpg (21427 bytes)
CRW_0955.jpg (20387 bytes) The lower part of the cave was flooded due to all of the rain; we took a detour around that section.

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The "official" photo at the end of the tour.

After the cave tour, the boys washed some gem dirt to find gems and minerals.  They both found a bag full. CRW_0993.jpg (21069 bytes)
CRW_0998.jpg (17088 bytes) Ethan LOVED the climbing dino!
A quick trip to the flooded Guadeloupe River for some playing and running time! CRW_1010.jpg (23391 bytes)

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Waffles with whipping cream for breakfast!

IMG_1043.jpg (29681 bytes) Monday we went swimming at the church pool.  "E" got thrown in by dad.
Ethan perfected many slide styles. IMG_1066.jpg (21041 bytes)
IMG_1050.jpg (23074 bytes) Dad finally took the plunge.
Zach with another style! IMG_1035.jpg (23380 bytes)
IMG_1026.jpg (15416 bytes) There were lots of frogs; Zach found this tiny one.
Portraits were taken at "the tree" on the Medina River in Bandera. IMG_1071.jpg (18747 bytes)
IMG_1074.jpg (23730 bytes)
The boys fed and chased the ducks and geese. IMG_1079.jpg (23812 bytes)
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After the boys both got cowboy hats, we went to a playground in Bandera.  Ethan REALLY liked his hat! IMG_1084.jpg (27835 bytes)
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The GREAT climbing tree in the fairway behind our house. IMG_1093.jpg (24492 bytes)
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The boys checked out the pouring of the slab down the street. Texas-087.jpg (29165 bytes)
Texas2-010.jpg (24883 bytes) Tuesday (the last day) was spent at Garner State Park.  Mimi had to go to the hospital for some tests, so Mom & Dad took Ethan and Zach for a day in the water on the Frio River.

Ethan went in first.

Zach joined him, and the fun began! Texas2-013.jpg (28869 bytes)
Texas2-065.jpg (27587 bytes) A kayak was rented...
... Zach got a chance to be the motor! Texas2-070.jpg (23592 bytes)
Texas2-044.jpg (20520 bytes) Both boys learned to swing out and jump from the rope on the far side of the river.  The bigger kids were very helpful pulling them out of the water and helping Ethan get on the rope.  Dad watched from the Kayak.
It was a beautiful day on the Frio River!!! Texas2-067.jpg (21263 bytes)