John's Birthday!

Birthday breakfast.


IMG_0066.jpg (19152 bytes)
Zach blew out the candle.... IMG_0068.jpg (21158 bytes)
IMG_0063.jpg (17633 bytes) ... while Ethan ate his waffle and strawberries!
Head art. IMG_0065.jpg (21128 bytes)
IMG_0072.jpg (17642 bytes) Grandpa and Mimi "operate" on Snow Man.
New window box for play structure. IMG_0082.jpg (16184 bytes)
IMG_7337.jpg (16214 bytes) Empty boxes are FUN!
Now if we only had a big roll of tape..... IMG_7339.jpg (13334 bytes)
IMG_7341.jpg (15217 bytes) Ready to work on the boxes.
Two hand eating. IMG_7346.jpg (14060 bytes)
IMG_7349.jpg (17589 bytes) Zach reading and Ethan..????
at their new dinning room table.