backyard_180-degrees.jpg (19230 bytes)
Zachary and Ethan's new back yard

birth-announcements.jpg (18290 bytes)
Pari and Mimi work on birth announcements...

Zach-and-banana.jpg (16918 bytes)
...while Zach eats another banana.

haircut1.jpg (9425 bytes)

haircut2.jpg (13866 bytes)
When Zach slowed down, Mimi cut some hair.

Ethan-smile.jpg (16519 bytes)
Big smile !!

E-and-Mimi.jpg (15306 bytes)

E-bath1.jpg (15959 bytes)

E-bath2.jpg (13905 bytes)
....except perhaps during a bath.

E-and-cow-side.jpg (15585 bytes)
The cow and Pooh are good baby sitters.

nanny-Pooh-and-E.jpg (14230 bytes)

nap-time.jpg (12068 bytes)
Mom and Ethan take a nap.

chair-repair.jpg (17105 bytes)
While Grandpa works on chair repair.

park-MGR.jpg (20993 bytes)
Zach enjoyed the merry-go-round at the park.

the-kiss.jpg (14404 bytes)
Zach loves his brother Ethan.

playday1.jpg (23570 bytes)

playday2.jpg (15474 bytes)
Thursday was play day.

playday3.jpg (17294 bytes)

oscar-on-stairs.jpg (12961 bytes)
Oscar stayed far away.

zach-and-mimi.jpg (16882 bytes)
Zach and Mimi after a long day.

elephant.jpg (15056 bytes)
Elephant !!

ethan-1.jpg (17641 bytes)
A happy baby !!

John-Zach.jpg (13136 bytes)
Father - Son breakfast.

watermellon_1.jpg (10541 bytes)

watermellon_2.jpg (10995 bytes)

pizza-time.jpg (16102 bytes)
John's world famous pizza.

project.jpg (19409 bytes)
Stencil project on Ethan's dresser.

dresser-002-small.jpg (14396 bytes)

dresser-003-small.jpg (12867 bytes)
Finished product.

family-picture-with-oscar.jpg (18032 bytes)
Family portrait

oscar-milk-001.jpg (15567 bytes)
You had better save some of that for me !!