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While we were in California, Shannon redecorated several rooms and made plans for others.  Mimi and Grandpa have plenty of Winter projects lined up!


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The hall bathroom is completely redone.

  • New wallpaper
  • painted ceiling
  • Trim and door paint
  • Valance over light & shower curtain
  • Accessories

New shower curtain and more!

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Nutcracker room

  • Nutcrackers at border
  • Nutcracker curtains over computer and window
  • Nutcrackers EVERYWHERE
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Small Nutcrackers hanging from border.

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The shelves now have family picture groups.  Lamps, candles and other accessories added (cool trunks!).

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Note the two large candles on each side of the TV!

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Precious Moments Room

  • New pastel fan
  • Light pastel green walls
  • New shelves

Click below for 360 degree panorama view
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Left click and move mouse to pan - requires free QuickTime to view (download here).

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  • Ceiling, walls & trim painted
  • Less pictures
  • Spoons relocated to hall
Back of hall painted darker: mirror added. hall_2.jpg (16081 bytes)