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  There were only about 3 campers at the lake.

It was cool and very pretty weather.

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The biggest challenge was finding a site with a "hole" to see the DTV satellite (you should have seen John with his compass checking each site)!

Really roughing it!!

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The lake was muddy from recent rains, but the hiking was nice.

No comment needed here.

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Talking to Anna about wedding vision moment at church.

Better work on the presentation.

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Ham and eggs for brunch.

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There were plenty of pretty sunsets over the lake.

Doris_on_pier.jpg (12567 bytes) A quiet moment on a pier.

Very old bridge!

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There was a little time for antique shops in Livingston.

The Turbo-Cooker really did work (these are pork chops)!

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We came back in 2005 - check it out.