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May 30 - June 6, 2002

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Our place on the hill.

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Dusk - new lights from Dave & Kathy.

Computer "workstation" using cell phone for
a blazing fast <10K internet connection!

Doris is working on Melissa's cross stitch.

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There was actually another Chalet at the park!

One of the MANY "daddy long leg" spiders.

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rental teepee.jpg (18186 bytes)

Rental Teepee!

Lake Bailey at the park.  The Petit Jean airport
  runway starts across the lake (right center in this

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Doris sitting on the "Turtle Rocks" on
the way to the Rockhouse cave.

cave hike doris.jpg (9645 bytes) Narrow trail!

doris in cave.jpg (15921 bytes)
"Cool" cave.

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Most caves in the area have old Indian pictographs.
gravesite panarama.jpg (14507 bytes)
Panorama of Arkansas River 1100 feet below Petit Jean grave site.

finger on Sunday.jpg (6313 bytes)

Oops! The missing piece of Doris' finger was
someplace in our sweet potatoes.
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First Saturday Flea Market in Morrilton.

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Cedar Falls hike was a long, hot one!

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cedar falls doris chillin.jpg (17472 bytes)

Made it to the bottom!

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Falls from the bottom (Doris at far right).

Talking to Melissa on the way up from the falls.

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seven hollows trail sign.jpg (16789 bytes)

This hike almost did Doris in.  First a snake, then
  she fell into a patch of poison ivy!

"Natural Bridge"  was formed by erosion. 

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seven hollows doris in flowers.jpg (17312 bytes)

  Almost back !!!!!!

There were lots of these along the trail.

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Sunset from Mather Lodge.