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blue-room.jpg (14073 bytes) The Blue Room furniture made it to Miami!

Mimi & Grandpa's old dining room furniture.

dining-room.jpg (16848 bytes)
living-room.jpg (16205 bytes) Melissa's favorite rocker from Ganga.

Lasagna is our favorite meal! 

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dinner.jpg (19505 bytes) I guess the big people can have some.

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Settled in for a night of TV.

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Master Jack

Mom, do we have to wear these in Miami?  winter-dogs.jpg (19215 bytes)

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Two babes (and several thousand Spring Break kids) at the beach.

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On the way to the airport, we went to Miami Seaquarium and
saw a very special flying whale!

The slide show on the right has several pictures from the whale and dolphin show at the Miami Seaquarium.