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We started at Daingerfield State Park to avoid the bad storms.

IMG_0893.jpg (14938 bytes) The view of the lake from our location.
DSCN4922.jpg (21004 bytes) Same area taken in Infra-red.  The chlorophyll in leaves reflects a lot of IR, so they all look white.

This image was taken with my modified Nikon 995 (internal IR filter removed) and a visible light blocking filter.

After two days in Texas, we survived the horrible Oklahoma roads and arrived at Carthage, MO.

We visited the Precious Moments Chapel before Doris went to the women's retreat in Joplin.

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The mall with several shops (all with Precious Moments!).

IMG_0734.jpg (25323 bytes) The Chapel

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Inside the Chapel.
Sam Butcher paints the murals, and he occasionally adds to them.

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Center Panel (Jesus in center)
The military figures near the bottom of the steps were recently added.

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Front Side Panels

CRW_0758.jpg (38634 bytes) The tomb.
Yard art! IMG_0779.jpg (23763 bytes)
Wedding Chapel IMG_0782.jpg (20162 bytes)

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

IMG_0795.jpg (18795 bytes) Sunday found us in a campground in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
Enjoying the sunset! Eureka-Springs-sunset.jpg (18393 bytes)
IMG_0823.jpg (30067 bytes) The Blue Springs gardens West of town were not yet flowering due to the late freeze.  This natural spring produces 38 million gallons of water a day which flows into the White River.
A few miles West of Eureka Springs is a beautiful glass and wood chapel, Thorncrown Chapel.  Check out their web site for a detailed history and more beautiful pictures. Thorncrown.jpg (23714 bytes)
Thorncrown-2.jpg (30177 bytes) Inside the chapel.
We went to the Passion Play and also visited the many attractions near the play.

The best was the Holy Land Tour which is about two hours, and it is GREAT.  You travel on a tram to several stops with Holy Land replicas and excellent presentations.

The tour starts through this replica of the East gate of Jerusalem that leads to the Hinnom Valley.

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Slideshow of the Holy Land Tour


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Back to Daingerfield State Park

After five days in Eureka Springs, we headed back to Texas and Daingerfield State Park (for 4 days). IMG_0891.jpg (22031 bytes)
IMG_0900.jpg (17483 bytes) Doris FINALLY had a chance to get her stamps out for a little "Stampin' Up".  WiFi was not available, so the internet connection was using the cell phone (about 10K connection).
John's play time - another infra-red shot of our trailer from the lake area. DSCN4924.jpg (36656 bytes)