Site #15, our favorite!
There are 30 sites at the park, and 25 were empty when we got there.
Christmas card production has started!

The night of August 11 is the Perseid meteor shower.  The dark skies at Lost Maples
are perfect for seeing the meteors, and this year there was no moon.  We
stayed up until midnight to see several very bright meteors that left glowing
trails.  The picture above is a very small and dim one; there were plenty
of these.  There were also a few on the night of the 12th, but the clouds
rolled in by 11PM.
It was still very dry, even though there was rain in the Spring.  The foreground of this picture is usually under water.
In wetter years, water ran across this trail and there was a pond on the right side.
I did find some water, but not much(note size of leaf!).

There were a few trail improvements during the Covid shut down.
The following are a few of the new descriptive signs that were installed.