The trip started with a week on South Padre Island.
Mimi and Grandpa (GP) came down for a day to see us.
Now what?
I don't like to be dirty!
In training for Pillsbury dough boy.
A short video showing Lucas eating and playing!
Schlitterbahn, South Padre Island.
That was hard work at the park!
Mimi & GP came down to visit us while we were on South Padre Island.
Mimi is a lot of fun!
Beach time with Mimi.
Mom & Aidan.  That is our condo in the background.
Sand castle production.
Maybe Dad can make this shot!
Lucas is not a happy camper!
Aidan jumping a few waves.
Bubble gum does not stand a chance with Aidan around!
A little pool time at the condo.
Aidan found a GIRL!

Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels with Mimi, GP, Aunt Deborah and cousin Matthew.