Finally at our post in Montevideo, Uruguay


Front of the house. front-of-house.jpg (29996 bytes)
security-gate.jpg (41499 bytes) Security gate
Driveway driveway.jpg (22107 bytes)
Back view of the house. back-of-house.jpg (30706 bytes)
Back yard. back-yard.jpg (25921 bytes)
There are ducks, geese and otters to feed. feeding-ducks.jpg (37855 bytes)
running-fence.jpg (39344 bytes) Aidan likes to "run the fence".
There is a big drop-off here.  Aidan is heading for a crash! dare-devil.jpg (29905 bytes)
View from master bedroom.
(Note play structure with a SWING.)
view-from-bedroom.jpg (20277 bytes)
Every morning it is swing time..... Aidan-swing.jpg (38265 bytes)
.... followed by lunch on the patio. eating-lunch-back-yard.jpg (24580 bytes)

wood-burning-grill-sink.jpg (32242 bytes)
There is a wood burning grill and sink on the patio.

New haircut - at four months! Lucas.jpg (19022 bytes)
Lucas-hair.jpg (21186 bytes)
first-haircut-4-mo.jpg (20689 bytes)
Lucas-back-head.jpg (21672 bytes)
lucas-jumping.jpg (20059 bytes) A little jumping time.

A few pictures around the inside of the house

Master-bedroom.jpg (20438 bytes) Master bedroom
Lucas' bedroom (there are four bedrooms in the house). Lucas-bedroom.jpg (21216 bytes)

boys-broom_4-total.jpg (22257 bytes)

The boy's bathroom (note bidet!).
Kitchen.  Door goes to laundry room and maid's room. kitchen.jpg (19223 bytes)
kitchen-3.jpg (21438 bytes) Aidan with a snack.
Laundry room laundry-room.jpg (16106 bytes)
living-room.jpg (18539 bytes) Living room
TV room tv-room.jpg (23562 bytes)
play-room.jpg (20226 bytes) Play room
New maid! maid-aidan.jpg (20049 bytes)