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September 14, 2005, 6:48 P.M. EDST
6 lb.  3 oz - 19.5 inches long
(Click here for my pre-birth pictures)

Mom and Dad say hi to me as soon as I got my first bath! PICT0903.jpg (15067 bytes)
PICT0905.jpg (13447 bytes) Dr. Kellogg and Mimi got in a picture with us.
Hi Dad! PICT0904.jpg (13112 bytes)
Aidan-and-Mel.jpg (11528 bytes) The first of MANY pictures with Mom.

19.5 inches!

The most significant statistic was my 14" head!

PICT0916.jpg (19539 bytes)
PICT0926.jpg (19643 bytes) Mimi and Aunt Shannon get me dressed for the first time.
Asleep on Mom; this is very comfortable. PICT0932.jpg (13140 bytes)
PICT0930.jpg (13170 bytes) I've had my nap, now let's talk about some food!
Mom and I came home when I was just 28 hours old!  I needed a long nap with Mimi to let Mom rest up a little! PICT0944.jpg (10933 bytes)

Before and After the hospital.

(Mouse over the picture to see "After".)

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...Mom's three boys...
Daisy and Jack want Mom's toast. PICT0945.jpg (19939 bytes)
IMG_8417.jpg (16777 bytes) WOW - I have two more grandparents from Texas!
I think I am going to like being spoiled by all of these older people! IMG_8418.jpg (15341 bytes)

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After all of that partying, I needed a bath; I was VERY good.

My Mimi and Grandma Olga. IMG_8428.jpg (15547 bytes)
PICT0948.jpg (24542 bytes) Hanging out in my car seat until we can go to Target.

Mimi made me this COOL tuxedo bib.

PICT0950.jpg (19059 bytes)
PICT0952.jpg (15407 bytes) Am I just cute or what????

Mom is reading me an all-time favorite book....

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...and I love it! PICT0956.jpg (19282 bytes)
Resting up for the big game. PICT0959.jpg (11526 bytes)
Hook-um horns! PICT0963.jpg (14323 bytes)
PICT0967.jpg (10903 bytes) PICT0966.jpg (13398 bytes)
My aunt Mary and cousin Brittany made this quilt for me. PICT0969.jpg (17580 bytes)
PICT0973.jpg (11371 bytes) Resting on Mimi's knees.

I am NOT asleep!   I am just faking it to listen to what the adults are saying about me.

I really like this fancy chair. PICT0976.jpg (18704 bytes)
My first bath in my bath tub. PICT0982.jpg (11766 bytes)
PICT0983.jpg (13191 bytes) This is nice.
Thanks, Mom. PICT0986.jpg (12561 bytes)
PICT0987.jpg (12523 bytes) You're going to do WHAT with that?
I am NOT spoiled! PICT0990.jpg (13295 bytes)