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IMG_1302.jpg (14930 bytes)
I have a new shirt from Cayman!

Zach-and-Oscar.jpg (10751 bytes)
My pal Oscar.

donut_entry.jpg (17178 bytes)
Off to donut shop for my birthday donut.

making-donuts.jpg (17974 bytes)
It is a cool machine that makes them.

donut_exit.jpg (14735 bytes)
Going home for breakfast.

birthday-donut.jpg (18373 bytes)

mimi-zach-book.jpg (12470 bytes)
Mimi and Zach reading a book.

mimi-zach-chair.jpg (13020 bytes)
There is something wrong with this picture.

at-zoo.jpg (20601 bytes)
Then we went to the ZOO!

at-zoo-mimi-pointing.jpg (25068 bytes)
Mimi pointed out lots of cool animals.

zach-and-goat.jpg (13912 bytes)
Nice goat.

zach-gg-present.jpg (11551 bytes)
My first gift was a music toy from Ganga.

cake_sully1.jpg (16360 bytes)
The production of the Sully cake.

cake_sully2.jpg (18480 bytes)
... with supervision.

cake_production---line.jpg (18442 bytes)
Production line

cake_final.jpg (22084 bytes)
Ready for the party.

bday_pooh.jpg (15460 bytes)
Saturday started with special TV privileges.

bday_banner.jpg (21121 bytes)
The banner was hung.....

bday_cereal.jpg (12927 bytes)
.. and I had cereal.

bday_den-full.jpg (21562 bytes)
Then the crowd came.

party_table-of-trouble.jpg (19981 bytes)

bday_cousins.jpg (18792 bytes)
My cousin Matthew came from San Diego.

bday_cousins2.jpg (19242 bytes)

party_two-leftys.jpg (20775 bytes)
We both use our left hands!

bday_matthew-fixing-light.jpg (22716 bytes)
He even fixed a few of the lights with his drill.

bday_cake_blow.jpg (16851 bytes)
The cake blowing was quite an ordeal.

bday_pooh_mel.jpg (17938 bytes)
Aunt Melissa and Uncle Chris sent me a new Pooh!

mimis-bed-full.jpg (19350 bytes)
Mimi's bed full Sunday morning.

ethan-smile.jpg (25871 bytes)
Ethan's famous smile!

park_leaving.jpg (17388 bytes)
We all went to the park; it was a cool day.

park_matthew-and-friends.jpg (20715 bytes)
Cousin Matthew and his funny parents.

fixing-dads-computer.jpg (11695 bytes)
Let's fix Dad's computer!

building-computer.jpg (14050 bytes)
I have a big part left over.

double-trouble.jpg (15142 bytes)
We had better get away fast!

mimi-reading-snake-book.jpg (20414 bytes)
Mimi read us a book about SNAKES...


mimi-reading-cat-book.jpg (21862 bytes)
... and funny cats.

zach_dad-fixing-computer.jpg (18772 bytes)
I had to show Dad what Matthew and I did to the computer.

mat_ethan_goodbye-kiss.jpg (13000 bytes)
Monday was time for cousin Matthew to go.
He kissed us both goodbye.

IMG_1521m.jpg (15347 bytes)
I got my cool new bike!!

IMG_1519M.jpg (15850 bytes)

IMG_1523m.jpg (24745 bytes)
I tried it out at the park on Wednesday.

IMG_1537.jpg (23425 bytes)
Mimi and I blew bubbles.

ethan_zach.jpg (25215 bytes)
I just don't know what to do with this little guy!

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Thanksgiving_dinner.jpg (17968 bytes)
I joined the big folks for Thanksgiving dinner.

brothers.jpg (27359 bytes)