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The sleet mixed with freezing rain and some snow started on Monday, January 15, 2007.  Much of the county as well as San Antonio was iced over until late Wednesday.  I-10 was closed both ways from downtown San Antonio to Junction (114 miles).  It was a mess!!!

We did not leave the house until Wednesday - the driveway and streets had about 1/2" ice.

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IMG_0543.jpg (12242 bytes) Doris' view looking North through the ice on the windows.

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The 8th fairway was covered with ice - we saw no golfers for 3 days.

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The street and driveway were iced over.

A few deer looked for some food. IMG_0548.jpg (18784 bytes)
IMG_0555.jpg (22264 bytes) The limbs of the large oak "climbing tree" near the new house were on the ground due to the weight of the ice.
This is a close-up of a green weed in the brown grass.  The ice blanket on the grass was strong enough in many places to hold a person. crunchy-grass.jpg (20529 bytes)
IMG_0557.jpg (21066 bytes) Icicles on our fence in the back.
There were also plenty of icicles on the house.

When I saw this picture I realized that some might break off and damage the AC unit, so I protected the unit and removed the ice above it.

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IMG_0569.jpg (13474 bytes) Some really long icicles on the North side.
Icy street. IMG_0573.jpg (14595 bytes)
IMG_0576.jpg (12420 bytes) Ice at top of driveway.
IMG_0579.jpg (11504 bytes) Thursday morning was 34F, but our well insulated house was still covered with ice.
Garden angels on an icy cloud! IMG_0585.jpg (14171 bytes)