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Bayley, Jade and Shannon came to help decorate our new home at the Flying-L Ranch. CRW_8824.jpg (25610 bytes)

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Doris found this Texas art at a local Bandera dealer.

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After months of trying to get seed to grow "on the hill", we finally put in Bermuda sod and a sprinkler system.  This picture was taken in August, about a month after the yard was put in.

Click for slideshow of yard process.

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Water feature added July, 2007.  Click here for more pictures.

Tour of house after Shannon's touch:
CRW_8835.jpg (13054 bytes) Dining and entry with piano in entry.
Piano and crystal cabinet from dining room. CRW_8841.jpg (15019 bytes)
Dining room from entry. IMG_8876.jpg (15945 bytes)
CRW_8848.jpg (17901 bytes) Ganga side board and new breakfast table.

kitchen-dining-bkfast-pan.jpg (20313 bytes)
Breakfast, kitchen, dining areas from den.

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Den (taken from kitchen).

Fireplace and TV.  Note no wires to TV! CRW_8851.jpg (12858 bytes)
CRW_8852.jpg (12041 bytes) Master bedroom.
CRW_8853.jpg (10690 bytes)
CRW_8855.jpg (12661 bytes) Finally, TWO sinks!!
Whirlpool tub; separate shower to right of tub. CRW_8857.jpg (10439 bytes)
pm-pan-1.jpg (15284 bytes) Guest bedroom - it is still the "Precious Moments" room.
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IMG_8864.jpg (8767 bytes)
All TV and sound equipment is in the guest bedroom closet!! CRW_8858.jpg (11120 bytes)
CRW_8830.jpg (16864 bytes) The office is a work in progress, and Shannon does not take responsibility for it!!  Eventually, it will be the "Nutcracker" room when a crown molding shelf is put up.  The closet is filled with stamping-up equipment, and there will be a large work area for Doris' stamping.
The visitor accommodation capability was tested when Mike, Jody, Ashley, Leighton, Morgan, Sabrina and Hayden visited.  It was a FUN weekend! IMG_8870.jpg (23418 bytes)
IMG_8869.jpg (21724 bytes) The piano needs tuning, but that didn't stop Ashley and Hayden from a duet!
Morgan in the cool climbing tree! HPIM3383.jpg (30710 bytes)
HPIM3384.jpg (28691 bytes) Sabrina made it up, too.
Ashley, Morgan and Sabrina fishing for golf balls. HPIM3391.jpg (21840 bytes)
HPIM3399.jpg (14375 bytes) Small man (Hayden), tall door!
Our latest guest is a very cold bat on the porch! bat.jpg (12584 bytes)
IMG_8878.jpg (15275 bytes) Permanent residents getting a morning snack in the field across the street from our house (taken from our front door).

Pictures of the area taken when we closed on the house are here.