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May 2004
Check out the park on the web.
3D pictures here

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This small campground is a JEWEL in East Texas, near Crockett.

There are only 15 sites, five of which are full hookup.

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The first Christian church in the Texas territory was founded near this park in May, 1690.

A replica of the Mission is located in the park.

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A ranger led us on a 2 hour hike which included a very good history lesson on the area and the beginning of TEXAS!

Making spinning tops from acorns and toothpicks.

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........  Off to Tyler State Park for 5 days ........

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Tyler State Park on the web

IMG_6564.jpg (17722 bytes) The first two days rained, so there was plenty of time to address the Christmas card envelopes.  The cards were made on a previous camping trip in May.

Our site at Tyler - there were three other trailers when we arrived.

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Dinner time for the ducks!

Wednesday AM
Wednesday morning was clear and cool.  The leaf in this photo is frozen to the table!

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"Cold Duck"

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Sunrise with fog over lake.


Canton is just 35 miles West of Tyler.

The Canton "First Monday" flea market is held once a month on the weekend before the first Monday of the month.  This is LARGE.  We walked for over four hours, and maybe saw 50% of one area (there are several more locations in or near Canton).  Several purchases came home with us.

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Look closely - this vendor has both thumbs flying on his gameboy!

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Early morning over calm lake.

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Sunset.  Both views from our "back yard".

PICT0077.jpg (20224 bytes) Doris finally got a chance to do some fishing after another day of serious antiqueing.

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Sunset from the fishing pier.  The end of a great trip!