Rusk-sign.jpg (11711 bytes)
The trip started at Rusk State Park
Jump to Lake Whitney State Park or Kerrville-Schreiner Park(below).

Tootsie and Marion joined us for 3 days.

This park is not on our most favorite list.  It is very close to the highway, and road noise was present all day.

CRW_8502.jpg (18415 bytes)
CRW_8504.jpg (15854 bytes) Getting the satellite antenna aimed required finding a hole in the thick tree cover.  We had to watch the Astros!
A steam driven train runs through the park!  It can be taken to Palestine on weekends (about 25 miles). CRW_8509.jpg (21369 bytes)
CRW_8513.jpg (20904 bytes) There is a small lake for paddle boats and canoes.
Out for a walk around the block with Marion's new scooter. CRW_8516.jpg (20327 bytes)
PICT0996.jpg (13945 bytes) We took the train to Palestine on Sunday.  It was not very full!
We passed the train going to Rusk.   Click here to see and hear a short movie. RR-clip.jpg (9734 bytes)
PICT1000.jpg (24228 bytes) Arrival at Palestine after about 90 minutes.  Time for lunch!
A nap on the way back! PICT1002.jpg (16227 bytes)

Whitney-sign.jpg (13366 bytes)
Lake Whitney State Park

The sites at Whitney are HUGE, clean and quiet. Shown here is our site with our cover over the table. The only down side is that the full hookup sites are not at the lake.  The water/electric sites near the lake are large and double wide; very nice!

There is a very large field with baseball backstop directly behind where this picture was taken.  It is a great site for the telescope.


IMG_8587.jpg (21645 bytes)
big-am-moon.jpg (12838 bytes) A near full moon setting Wednesday morning.
Doris tries a little fishing.  We will be using plan "B" for dinner! CRW_8535.jpg (16082 bytes)
IMG_8541.jpg (14044 bytes) Wednesday afternoon, Doris worked on cards and we watched Wilma on the Weather Channel.
A flock of turkeys ran across the camp ground Thursday; they looked like they knew that Thanksgiving was coming up soon! turkey2.jpg (24901 bytes)
IMG_8585.jpg (26603 bytes)

This guy's clock must be off; he was out in broad daylight, but having a little trouble seeing where he was going.

Note his closed eyes and the damage to his armor!

We later saw many more when hiking near the lake.

telescope.jpg (22810 bytes)
Telescope set up close to trailer for M-27 & M-57.

M-27 nebula taken through 8" telescope from our camp site.

M-57 was photographed October 25.

temperature-in-am.jpg (14688 bytes) As Wilma was going over Melissa in Miami, we woke up to a cool morning!  A new front came through and then the skies cleared.  Tonight may be a very good (and cold) astronomy viewing night!

Kerrville-Schreiner Park
(park web site here)

IMG_8605.jpg (20022 bytes) On Thursday we went to Kerrville-Schreiner park, and on Friday, the entire Krogstad clan joined us for dinner.  Mike, Jody and the kids were meeting Gary and Norella on their annual migration South for the winter.
There were deer everywhere.  Morgan tried feeding one a carrot... Morgan-deer.jpg (22332 bytes)
... while Leighton rounded up some more to play with. IMG_8601.jpg (20725 bytes)

loading-tree.jpg (15667 bytes)
Ashley helping Leighton into the tree.

tree-of-monkeys.jpg (28288 bytes)
Tree full of Krogstads!

IMG_8611.jpg (13125 bytes) It got a little cool when the sun went down.
There is a butterfly habitat at the park.  The deer and antelope are kept out with a tall fence, so this area has the only flowers in the area. IMG_8623.jpg (19744 bytes)
IMG_8626.jpg (18184 bytes) There were still a few butterflies of various types, but most had gone south for the winter.
IMG_8631.jpg (17711 bytes)
IMG_8643.jpg (25250 bytes) Saturday we took a short trip over to Lost Maples State Natural Area.  The maples are trying to turn, and with a little more cool weather they will all look like the one below!
IMG_8645.jpg (26230 bytes)
We visited our friend Mary Lynn who lives in Hunt (near Kerrville), and she showed us how she works her Arabian horse in the cemetery across the road from her house. PICT1017.jpg (15549 bytes)
antelope-2.jpg (17183 bytes) The morning we left for home I finally got a picture of the Antelope that grazed in the field every morning.

We packed up and took one more look at property in the area.  We may become residents of Kerrville next year!!

A few more pictures of this park are here (a short stop on the way home from the Davis Mountains in 2004).