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Christmas card production started at Fairfield State Park.

stubborn-tree.jpg (18235 bytes)
This tree in a gully was not going to give in to the water!

After 2 days at Fairfield, we went to Dallas to close on Ganga's house and attend Chris and Alicia's wedding.

three-muskateers.jpg (19681 bytes)
"Three Musketeers" helped with rehearsal dinner.

Chris-Alicia.jpg (13914 bytes)
Chris and Alicia at rehearsal dinner.

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Daingerfield is SW of Texarkana.
This is one of the nicest parks that we have visited in Texas.
Check them out on line!

Daingerfield-campsite.jpg (18144 bytes)
Our campsite near Daingerfield.  Tall pine trees and big sites.

Daingerfield-geese.jpg (13388 bytes)
Goose family near lake.

Daingerfield-geese-too-clos.jpg (29611 bytes)
Oops! I got a little close.

Daingerfield-hiking.jpg (14862 bytes)
We hiked around the lake.

After a week at Daingerfield, we headed south to Martin Dies Jr. State Park near Jasper, Texas.

Martin-Dies-campsite.jpg (13308 bytes)
Martin Dies camp site on edge of slough.

We were not very impressed with the Martin Dies Jr. campground.  The sites are small and close to each other.  Perhaps we were just spoiled after spending a week at Daingerfield!

Martin-Dies-swamp-view.jpg (12779 bytes)
Morning coffee looking at "the swamp" from our front door.

Martin-Dies-nature-walk.jpg (14237 bytes)
Bridge to small island (nature walk).

Martin-Dies-gator-2.jpg (5337 bytes)
This guy was waiting for me to fall off of the bridge!

Martin-Dies-gator-1.jpg (14047 bytes)
Second gator close by.  Both were about 6 feet long.

Martin-Dies-heron-flying.jpg (23230 bytes)
Heron in flight near alligators.

Martin-Dies-table-flower.jpg (17629 bytes)
Hibiscus from the wedding rehearsal dinner.