October, 2009 - - Park WEB Site

It was a warm, sunny day when we arrived.  It rained that night, and the temperature dropped 25 degrees!
The family across the road from us had three young girls, and they were in tents.  Everything got wet, but the girl were still having a blast after the storm passed!  However, they were all soaked, so they left the campground to find dry. warm beds.
The next morning it was COLD - there was ice on the car windshield!
Early morning.
Fog over the river.
Short video of the fog lifting.
Dew glistening in the morning sun.
Mac & Linda came out for the day and to hike the East trail with John (about 3 1/2 hours).   
  Time to convert to shorts. 
View from the top of the East trail.   
A clear pool of COLD water.   
  Really cold!! 
The leaves are trying to turn!   
  A single tree with color! 
Linda in a tree.   
  Pretty vine. 
Doris did a short hike and then took a nap!   

Great climbing tree near Dawson Ranch (Leakey).
The Krogstads would LOVE this tree.
Doris on East trail before the storm hit on Thursday.
The color is trying to start.

It should peak in 7 - 10 days if there are more cool nights.
Friday was a long hike - the 7.5 mile West trail plus the West Loop trail.  This spring was a pleasant rest stop.
Another spring.
A different type of color.
Part of West Loop trail in 3D.
Use red/blue 3D glasses.