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Park WEB Site

October 2000 - Site revised October, 2001

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Highway 337 from Leakey "drops" into Lost Maples area.

water crossing.jpg (21354 bytes)
Across the Sabinal River.......

trailer.jpg (16353 bytes)
...to our camp site.

2001 panarama.jpg (18186 bytes)
There are only 30 sites at this small park.

2001 colors.jpg (27709 bytes)
A little color is starting to show.

happy bush.jpg (27151 bytes)

bush 2.jpg (21971 bytes)
A few Maple trees on the river bank...

leaf in stream.jpg (32132 bytes)
...and a single Maple leaf in the river.

butterfly.jpg (16153 bytes)
There were THOUSANDS of butterflies

2001 butterfly on thistle.jpg (16698 bytes)

deer.jpg (25541 bytes)
and plenty of deer.

2001 sheep on wall.jpg (25862 bytes)
Mountain goats??

2001 north at night.jpg (10673 bytes)
Looking north early in the morning.

2001 north star B&W.jpg (19030 bytes)
(North Star in the center)

2001 hike to ridge.jpg (22168 bytes)
We hiked the East trail to the top of this ridge.

2001 pond.jpg (23214 bytes)
Past the pond.

2001 pond from top.jpg (21539 bytes)
Made it!!

2001 cell phone from top.jpg (16756 bytes)
There was even cell service from up here!

2001 buzzard.jpg (25004 bytes)
Coming down - note buzzard circling!

2001 made it.jpg (29007 bytes)
That was a rough 1/4 mile!

2001-stream-and-colors.jpg (28586 bytes)
Near end of East trail.

2001 after hike.jpg (19277 bytes)
No comment needed!

2001 trip to bandera.jpg (18893 bytes)
Heading East for day trip to Bandera.

2001 pumpkins.jpg (16557 bytes)
Road Art.

2001 river in Bandera.jpg (21651 bytes)
Medina River in Bandera.

We returned to Lost Maples
in 2002.  Click here to view
that trip.