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The pink flamingos are taking a siesta. IMG_2767.jpg (24191 bytes)
IMG_2771.jpg (19580 bytes) The Christmas cards are started!

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A BUNCH of scouts came in late Friday.

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They were on both sides of the camp road.

IMG_2843.jpg (24456 bytes) After the scouts left, the cleaning crew moved in to police up the area!
In a month there will be a lot of color here.

We had great weather - about 50 at night and mid-80's daytime.

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PICT2548.jpg (29537 bytes) Antiqueing in Utopia - Doris found this full grown miniature poodle.  GP said NO! (but it was cute).
Methodist church in Utopia. PICT2551.jpg (18760 bytes)
IMG_2790.jpg (25727 bytes) Sunday morning hike toward West trail.

This is the same Red Tailed Hawk nest we saw last year.

Fall starts tomorrow - time to lay in the winter food supply! IMG_2792.jpg (22184 bytes)
IMG_2823.jpg (22393 bytes) The upper pond on the West Trail.
There is still some water. IMG_2798.jpg (25932 bytes)
IMG_2812.jpg (14299 bytes) Loaded down with pollen.
Strange! IMG_2808.jpg (19100 bytes)
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Guinea hens near the park entrance. IMG_2842.jpg (22879 bytes)