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We started out at Kerrville-Schreiner Park with Tootsie, Marion and the Hearn kids (and lots of deer).

Kim and Larry stayed in a B&B in Hunt.

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IMG_9257.jpg (26366 bytes) The girls played in the river while Colby tried out a new fishing lure.
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IMG_9260.jpg (16611 bytes) Mimi has a new shirt!
There were a few butterflies in the butterfly area. IMG_9272.jpg (24226 bytes)
PICT1418.jpg (25222 bytes) The beach area was a volleyball court!
Tootsie removed a sticker from Kassidy's foot..... IMG_9282.jpg (18903 bytes)
.... and Colby put her shoes on. IMG_9285.jpg (24473 bytes)

Inks Lake

We started out on the lake, but a large bull dog next door was just too much for us.  IMG_9305.jpg (16849 bytes)
IMG_9310.jpg (21102 bytes) We hooked up the next morning and moved "inland" to a small, secluded loop.  Our only neighbors here were cactus and deer!
Two cactus flowers getting started. IMG_9315.jpg (12514 bytes)
IMG_9319.jpg (17099 bytes) The buds above hope to look like this in a few days!
A little afternoon nap! IMG_9322.jpg (22018 bytes)
devils-sink-hole.jpg (18857 bytes) Devil's Waterhole.  Kids love to jump into the water from these rocks (see picture below).

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The boy went on three, but the girl went on 4!! IMG_9356.jpg (27389 bytes)
IMG_9348.jpg (26396 bytes) There was a quartz outcrop on the top of the hill.
Doris made the climb up to the top to find me. IMG_9341.jpg (22785 bytes)
IMG_9336.jpg (19849 bytes) There were no cactus flowers up here, but these were everywhere.
The day before we returned home, we toured the Longhorn Caverns (about 6 miles from the park).  It was an enjoyable 90 minute "stroll" through a cave formed by an old underground river.  This room was illuminated with colored lights to highlight the different minerals. cave-lights.jpg (20459 bytes)
CRW_9370.jpg (17677 bytes) The cave was closed for the morning to make room for a large school group from Leander Middle School.  We elected to join one of the groups rather than return later, and we were glad we did.  The kids asked good questions, and the guide did more teaching than on regular tours.

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Doris' favorite room - the marble room.