August 2009
Most people here are excited about the mountains, animals and the stars.  We were excited to see rain coming!
Good nap weather.

Video taken with Doris' new phone.  With no cell phone coverage, we had to use it for something!
It had warmed up to 59˚ by 8:00am Thursday!

Site 23 - our usual site for astronomy.
We saw several nice Perseid meteors last night.
We had long pants and jackets on!!!
Hard at work gathering the morning breakfast!
The back side of Indian Lodge.
It took three shots to get this all in.
We had to go up on Skyline Drive or to town to get cell phone service.  Indian Lodge is in the background at the bottom of the ridge.
Christmas card production has started.

The sky was clear enough to get the telescope out on August 15 and 16 .  Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, M16 (Eagle Nebula) and NGC7293 (Helix Nebula) were imaged.  Jupiter and M-16 are shown below; more astro images can be found on the main astrophotography page.

Jupiter and three of its' moons

Eagle Nebula
M-16, The Eagle Nebula
These Javelinas visited us every night.  There is also a mother and very small baby, but they were not with the group when this shot was taken.
Before returning to Bandera, we made a quick trip to the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute (near Ft. Davis) to pick up a few tee-shirts.

We were treated to a rare Clearwing Moth feeding on the flowers near the front door.  This moth is about half the size of a hummingbird, but it flies and hovers just like that little bird.  When clearwings are very fresh, their wings are still covered with butterflies; but the scales quickly drop off, leaving the "clear wings."   My thanks to Cathryn Hoyt, the director of the Institute, for identifying and describing this find.
cool trailer
Written on side: "Live Your Dreams"
No other caption needed!