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We stopped at Junction on the way; click here to view those pictures. Junction_2005.jpg (5911 bytes)

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Our site in the Davis Mountains State Park.

site-23.jpg (14669 bytes) Good location for astronomy!
McDonald Observatory. McDonald-observatory.jpg (16791 bytes)

Several all-night sessions were spent here!

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Another location close to the trailer; BAD tripping hazard in the dark! telescope-2.jpg (27174 bytes)

Astronomy Slide Show.  Many of these pictures were taken on this trip.
flare-6_04_05.jpg (6970 bytes) We saw Iridium Flares most nights.  The flare is a reflection from Iridium satellite antennas (the sat-phone satellites).
The Christmas card production has started!! IMG_7975.jpg (20872 bytes)
Lots of cactus in the park.

IMG_7986.jpg (16081 bytes)    IMG_8002.jpg (15111 bytes)
There were century plants everywhere!


beep-beep.jpg (25815 bytes)
CRW_8069.jpg (22153 bytes) These guys come through the campground every night.  You can smell them coming!
Bikers from Georgia.  They are touring on this Harley, and have been gone for over 2 weeks.  They plan on looping through New Mexico before heading home. It may not be comfortable, but the gas mileage is great! CRW_8066.jpg (17447 bytes)
Doris-on-trail.jpg (18884 bytes) Doris on the trail at the top of Skyline Drive.  This is where we go to check email and upload pictures to the web.
This plant does not seem to belong here, but we saw plenty along the roads in the area! melon-1.jpg (25399 bytes)

It is some type of melon.
melon-2.jpg (22616 bytes)
winery.jpg (23211 bytes) This is the local winery (Fort Davis).  They do grow most of their grapes locally, and the wine was pretty good.  Note the guard dog at the entrance!
Skinny bunny near the winery. bunny.jpg (26789 bytes)

IMG_8109.jpg (25305 bytes)
Wendy and Gary dropped in for a visit on the weekend.

McDonald observatory tour.  Note Wendy still has a jacket! McDonald.jpg (25126 bytes)

McDonald-107-pan.jpg (16143 bytes)
Inside the dome with the 107" telescope.

lady-bugs.jpg (9616 bytes) This is the season for lady bugs, and they were everywhere!   These are trying to stay out of the wind on the top of the mountain.
Wendy took us on a cemetery hunt! final-destinations.jpg (13253 bytes)
cemetary-sign.jpg (27410 bytes) We found this pioneer cemetery in Fort Davis.
Wendy read the stories..... cemetary-1.jpg (24902 bytes)
...and checked out some of the markers. cemetary-2.jpg (30151 bytes)
Doris-on-phone.jpg (13259 bytes) There was some cell service in the area, but not without a little help.  Note antenna on top of the roof over the table.
Wendy and Gary left for home on Monday, and we left Tuesday.   On the way home, we stopped off to visit the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute. desert-sign.jpg (16263 bytes)
CRW_8165.jpg (18014 bytes) There are hiking trails, a greenhouse for cactus and a nice visitor center.  All of the plants are irrigated since some are not indigenous to the desert area.

Ft-Davis-house.jpg (24367 bytes)
We found this really cool house in Fort Davis; it is built around and behind these large boulders.