Rear View TV System

To improve driving safety, an inexpensive black & white security camera was mounted in the rear window of the trailer to see what was behind us.   A second camera was put on a custom mount that fit over the partially opened rear window of the van to facilitate trailer hook-up by one person.  The camera, monitor and cable was less than $60 from Lowes (clearance).  Two systems were purchased to get the second camera and back-up monitor.

IMG_6089.jpg (11950 bytes)
The monitor for hook-up and rear view.

IMG_6108.jpg (16617 bytes)
The hook-up camera in place.

IMG_6112.jpg (8432 bytes)
View of ball and trailer tongue

IMG_6113.jpg (12161 bytes)
Trailer camera position in the back window.

IMG_6114.jpg (7101 bytes)
Outside view of camera.

DSCN4696.jpg (7467 bytes)
A truck about to pass us on I-10.
The monitor was modified to provide a mirror image, so the view is the same as it would be in the rear view mirror.