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We started out at Inks Lake with Mac & Linda.  We went to Fredericksburg to celebrate Linda's 60th! PICT2559.jpg (24421 bytes)
CRW_3267.jpg (15820 bytes) Mac & Linda brought their boat.  It was a little chilly for water-skiing.
Picnic at Canyon of the Eagles park. CRW_3254.jpg (19307 bytes)
CRW_3256.jpg (16286 bytes)
These sticky guys were everywhere. CRW_3257.jpg (10799 bytes)
CRW_3258.jpg (25431 bytes) There were lots of armadillos on our hike.
No, Linda.  This is NOT a football! CRW_3262.jpg (24929 bytes)
CRW_3264.jpg (27892 bytes) Checking out the blind.
We had a nice hike to the lake (big pond?). CRW_3265.jpg (27050 bytes)
CRW_3273.jpg (13098 bytes) The "flamingals", the "Christmas Flamingo", a full moon and a nice sunset.
Our neighbors. CRW_3277.jpg (6797 bytes)
CRW_3275.jpg (9472 bytes) A blue heron flying over the lake at sunset.

The Annual Schuelke Christmas Party at Jesse & Trish's House

The feeding frenzy begins. PICT2562.jpg (20212 bytes)
PICT2561.jpg (19145 bytes) Tim & Aunt Doris discuss the problems of the world.
Janie & Lindi still get to play hair. PICT2563.jpg (17224 bytes)
PICT2565.jpg (20934 bytes) It looks like Bubba is telling a good story.
Aunt Doris updates her palm data. PICT2566.jpg (18532 bytes)
PICT2570.jpg (16454 bytes) This one needs no caption.
Bubba, Franklin & Larry. PICT2571.jpg (22017 bytes)
PICT2573.jpg (15530 bytes) Trish, Alan & Renda.
Landon, Bandi, Brittany, Brandon & Karlie with their presents. PICT2575.jpg (20784 bytes)
PICT2577.jpg (16603 bytes) Little Ryan had a ball!
Chaos! PICT2579.jpg (24794 bytes)
PICT2582.jpg (24960 bytes) Cousins with their loot.
JessiKay was the gift exchange MC for the adults. PICT2583.jpg (14265 bytes)

Brazos Bend with the Krogstads

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Site 221 at Brazos Bend

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Leighton and Hayden

Ashley & Hayden CRW_3291.jpg (22194 bytes)
CRW_3292.jpg (16914 bytes) Morgan
... and Sabrina.

This is a fun tree!

CRW_3293.jpg (32175 bytes)
CRW_3298.jpg (20047 bytes) Clyde (our neighbor) showed us pictures from his travels.  He has been a full timer for eight years.  Blue is his companion since his wife died.
Mamma and baby alligator. CRW_3301.jpg (21801 bytes)

CRW_3317.jpg (23588 bytes)    CRW_3318.jpg (21749 bytes)
Blue heron

Unfortunately, Hayden was lying in some ants for this picture! CRW_3323.jpg (27546 bytes)
CRW_3326.jpg (17670 bytes) Morgan and her Mrs. Goode.
Morgan reading a book before dinner. CRW_3332.jpg (24296 bytes)
CRW_3334.jpg (12893 bytes) Final dinner preparations????
Keith starts the "build a mountain" process while Leighton helps with some light. CRW_3335.jpg (18876 bytes)
CRW_3336.jpg (14578 bytes) Sabrina watches a pro eat his mountain.
Sabrina with her marshmallow. CRW_3339.jpg (21676 bytes)

CRW_3342.jpg (14737 bytes)
Relaxing after dinner.