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(Quiet Park near Bastrop and Austin - click to visit park site.)

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The park is heavily wooded.

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Our little corner of the woods.

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The first agenda item was to check out the many shops in the Bastrop area!

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The Communications Center.  We checked on Ganga
frequently (phone and email).

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Fishing on Wednesday (also on phone).

IMG_2750_fishing-2.jpg (11045 bytes)
STILL on the phone (with Debbie).

IMG_2760_Linda.jpg (24005 bytes)

lake-pan-2.jpg (10758 bytes)   We tried fishing on Thursday, but.......

..... a BIG storm blew in! 

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Doris got some "stamping-up" done while it rained.
The project - 150 Christmas cards.

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One of our neighbors.