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Click here for 3D image (need R/B glasses)

On Sunday afternoon (Dec. 26, 2004) we pulled the trailer the short distance to Brazos Bend State Park for some "down" time.
Becky and Daniel came out Sunday night to check out the stars.   It was a little humid and cool, but we got out the telescope and looked at the almost full moon. Becky-Daniel.jpg (15569 bytes)

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The full moon was great, but it made seeing other objects difficult.
This shot was taken with a 210mm lens on a digital camera (6M pixel).

IMG_7017.jpg (14227 bytes) George Observatory in the park.
IMG_7069.jpg (12347 bytes) We brought a few Christmas lights.

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There were plenty of turtles and alligators around the 40 acre lake.

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Click here for 3D image of above alligator
Click here for 3D image of another alligator
(You need red-blue glasses for 3D images.  All are large files.)

This alligator on the right side of the trail kept us from going to the observation tower.

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Typical of area around lake.

(View in 3D)


Cedar waxwing warbler

There were a lot of birders at the park. 
Many were interested in this one.

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Internet and phone connection via GSM phone, amplifier and external antenna.

This web page was uploaded using the laptop and this system!

lost.jpg (17975 bytes) The day before we left, we took a final hike late in the afternoon.  It was going to be a short one, but Grandpa took a wrong turn, and we got lost on a service road.  We finally turned back after over an hour when we ran into a "Park Boundary" sign, and got to the car just before dark.

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There were bad floods in this area a month ago; the water level is still visible on the trees in this remote area.