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We started the trip in New Braunfels at the Lambs Rest Inn.   This is a wonderful, Christian B&B. We will stay here again!

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Sign at front door.

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Morning coffee overlooking the river.

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A GREAT breakfast.

The beautiful back yard (panorama view from the river).
On Monday (4/26/04) we picked up our new camping trailer in New Braunfels and went to McKinney Falls State Park near Austin to check it out. sign_IMG_5068.jpg (15608 bytes)

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Some serious thinking at the computer work station!

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The start of the Christmas card production.

The lower falls (panorama).


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There were plenty of butterflies at the upper falls....

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... and a few turtles and snakes!

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There were flowers of all colors...

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...even a few remaining bluebonnets...

Cactus flowers

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Mimi had a tea party with Kyla and Rachel on Saturday when we visited the Sullivan's for dinner.

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Rachel & Kyla get dad.

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Sunday morning was clear and cool - a great day for hiking!