Arkansas, 2001


daisy_sign.jpg (51004 bytes)
Near Daisy, Ark (pop. 122)

daisy_campsite.jpg (60293 bytes)
Our campsite on the lake.

daisy_bkfast_1.jpg (51911 bytes)
Head chef prepares a breakfast feast!

daisy_bkfast_2.jpg (57264 bytes)

daisy_fishing.jpg (45183 bytes)
We didn't eat much (any) fish.

daisy_geese.jpg (50567 bytes)
We saw (and heard) lots of geese.

daisy_hummer1.jpg (49140 bytes)

daisy_hummer2.jpg (46706 bytes)
There were lots of hummers at the park.

daisy_siesta.jpg (54126 bytes)
Afternoon siesta.

daisy_sunset_jetski.jpg (59562 bytes)
Jet ski coming in at dusk.

mena_train.jpg (47221 bytes)
Train station in Mena, Arkansas.

wil_lodge.jpg (58832 bytes)
Lodge at Queen Wilhelmina State Park.

wil_campgnd_distance.jpg (59774 bytes)
View of campground from the Lodge.  Both are on the
top of Rich Mountain.

wil_campsite.jpg (60055 bytes)
Our campsite (note another siesta behind trailer).

wil_chipmunk.jpg (51918 bytes)
Our neighbor.

wil_work_on_book.jpg (67158 bytes)
Working on Ganga's photo album.

lovers_leap_trail.jpg (81050 bytes)
One of the trails on the mountain.

lovers_leap_mtns.jpg (43207 bytes)
View from Lover's Leap (always hazy).

wil_pikin_ang_grinning.jpg (49886 bytes)
Pickin' and grinnin'

train.jpg (47953 bytes)
This train went around mountain top.