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Tropical Storm Fay hit Lake Jackson Friday evening, and we were left without power until late Saturday.  We did have candles and phones (picture at right is Doris on phone with light from one candle), and we kept updated on the storm progress with the laptop computer.

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The only property damage was to the trailer; a skylight was broken and a small hole was punched in the aluminum skin.  We heard the branch hit at 2:30 AM Saturday, and John did the patch job in 40-50 MPH winds holding a flashlight in his teeth!  Fortunately, it was not raining during the repair job.

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The front yard looked pretty clean Saturday morning....

... except for the trash at the high water line.

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The back yard, however, was full of limbs from the oak trees and this large limb from the pecan tree.  It took about 6 hours to cut up and drag all of this to the front for pickup.

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100 feet of limbs!  Then the rain started again.