Prade Ranch
Prade guest ranch was a favorite destination for many summer vacationers and hunters from 1935 until it closed as a guest ranch in about 1964.  The early history can be found here.    An interesting article about the Pape family (June Prade's family) is here (copied from an on-line Kerr Current newspaper article).  The images below are a few  found in the author's archives (actually, boxes in the closet) as well as those from people who found this website and graciously shared with me.  Most were taken in the 50's and 60's.  If you have pictures of the ranch you would like to share, please send them to me at webmaster at (substitute "@" for the "at").  I will add those and any others I find.
An early brochure of the ranch.  Click on the brochure picture to see all 8 pages.

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The post office at the ranch was an official U.S. post office.  It was written up in National Geographic!

This is a picture of the website author in front of the Post Officer in 1954.  Mouse over the image to see how it had changed in 2005.

Chub & June Prade, 1954.
Before Texas 336 was built in the 50's, the only way to get to Leakey was the "Prade Ranch Road" which was partly in the river bed of the Frio River.
The river bed was used by early settlers to cross this rugged area.  The river bed still has ruts from the wagon wheels (barely visible in this picture at the arrows).
When portions of the river were not passable with automobiles, the ranch maintained short bypasses.  If you missed the bypass, it was a long walk back to the ranch (or to Leakey) to get help removing your car from a deep hole!
This picture was found on the web - it is one of those "deep holes".  There were also narrow stretches with rapids and a lot of boulders.
Check out this old car in the river!  This image is from a Prade Ranch postcard.
Even before Earl Prade purchased the ranch, the river road was used to get from Leakey to Rocksprings and ranches along the river!

This photo shows members of the Orrell family from Leakey; it was taken in 1914.
The west Frio River originated on the ranch.  This is one of the many springs that fed the river.
The typical depth of the river was just a few inches.
The first spring of the Frio was near the ranch house, and it was dammed up to form a nice (and always cool!) swimming hole.  There was a game room and pavilion on the left bank near this swimming area.

Cleaning the Swimming Hole!
The dam was opened and a fire hose was used to wash out the silt
This is the website author near one of the springs that feeds the West Frio.
These are NOT spineless cactus.
There were peacocks EVERYWHERE!
A picture of the author's brother resting in a tree during a long horseback ride.  This picture was used as a postcard at the ranch.
The author's mother (left) with June Prade.  The Prades moved to Oregon after the sale of the ranch; this picture was taken when my mother visited them some time after 1964.
Web author's wife and June Prade, February 2013.  It was great to reminisce about "the old days" with June!
The thumbnail images below represent other pictures from the early days at Prade Ranch.  Mouse over the thumbnail image to see a caption.  Click any image to see it larger.  Use the < or > of the larger image to view other images or you can start a slideshow.
  A few more photos from the 50's and 60's.
  Sue Pearse worked at the ranch in 1955 and returned in 2005 with her husband, Bea Burrier (cook during the early years) and Bea's daughter in law Pat.  This slideshow contains pictures shared by Sue. 
The ranch today.  This Google Earth picture was taken 3/30/2012.