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We started the weekend at the BIG parade down main street. PICT1786.jpg (25463 bytes)
PICT1766.jpg (23730 bytes) Longhorn drive.

Can you find Gary?  Hint - follow the red arrow.

Doris and Wendy are under the red umbrella in the center.

As a "footnote", the marching bands followed the cattle and horses!

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PICT1773.jpg (27459 bytes) It was a BIG crowd.
"Bull riding"??? PICT1776.jpg (19713 bytes)
PICT1781.jpg (30401 bytes) I think this guy sees Doris' red umbrella!
Cute. PICT1783.jpg (30899 bytes)
PICT1788.jpg (24281 bytes) Strange.
Snack for Wendy for the trip to Garner Park! PICT1791.jpg (22359 bytes)
PICT1795.jpg (27009 bytes) Picnic at Garner State Park.  There were LOTS of people at the river, so we found a shady spot near the pavilion.
A cool spot near the river. PICT1796.jpg (21895 bytes)
PICT1797.jpg (25279 bytes) We dropped by Lost Maples State Park on the way back to Bandera.   There was water, but it was very low.

It was a fun day!