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Chrissy's wedding
Jade's new hair color
Racoon in tree
Jade and Molly (horse)


Jade-and-hat.jpg (15771 bytes) Jade came first, and immediately went shopping!

THE picture!

Shortly after Melissa and Chris arrived, Melissa went to the doctor for a check-up.  Chris is studying the photograph she handed him! Chris-father-2.jpg (17529 bytes)
Chris-father-1.jpg (11825 bytes) Chris figured out what the picture was...
THE PICTURE. Baby-vega.jpg (11721 bytes)
Baby_hand.jpg (16025 bytes) Practicing with the first gift from Mimi.
Jade got a lot of school work in during her visit. IMG_7088.jpg (15095 bytes)
PICT0165.jpg (13355 bytes) On Saturday, we all went to a wedding.
Jade was popular with the boys..... PICT0170.jpg (24272 bytes)
PICT0184.jpg (15866 bytes)

PICT0187.jpg (13162 bytes)
... and Lindi.

Chrissy and Jade PICT0180.jpg (15852 bytes)
Check out the new hair color!!! Jade-hair-2.jpg (17505 bytes)
PICT0181.jpg (16148 bytes) Chris and Melissa (parents-to-be!)
Melissa trying to keep warm (two candle power heat) PICT0192.jpg (12655 bytes)
Racoon.jpg (33221 bytes) Mimi spotted this BIG racoon in the tree at 9:00 AM.

View him in 3D here (need red-blue glasses).

Jade and Molly at Aunt Tootsie's

View slideshow of jade on Molly here.

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