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Clear, skies the entire week!

Great for astronomy.

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There was a little color.

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Mac, Tom, Sue, Doris and Linda.
We went on a short hike before lunch.

After lunch, Mac, Linda and John went on the 5 mile West Trail hike.  This picture was taken at the top. west-trail.jpg (18112 bytes)
Linda.jpg (26155 bytes) We found this still pool on the way down.
Near end of West Trail. waterfall.jpg (22616 bytes)
Linda-in-falls.jpg (34135 bytes) Linda got a little wet!
No caption needed. Mac-and-Linda-lake.jpg (24198 bytes)

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Most evenings were spent with the telescope set up by the trailer.

This image is comet Holmes which intensified about 1,000,000 times on about October 24.  It was visible with the naked eye.

The Moon was used for focusing the D-60 camera. moon.jpg (13282 bytes)