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The fun started with fishing in "Lake Goode". PICT1392.jpg (13247 bytes)
PICT1394.jpg (19487 bytes) Dad showed the kids this lost turtle.
We went to Garner State park for the day.  The weather cleared up, and all had a lot of fun! Garner-dam.jpg (10760 bytes)
PICT1398.jpg (28829 bytes) Morgan found a friend who helped her do some fishing.
Caught one! CRW_9191.jpg (14162 bytes)
CRW_9193.jpg (13157 bytes) Go back and grow some more.
Jody learned how to use Mike's new camera. PICT1403.jpg (24764 bytes)
PICT1399.jpg (19388 bytes) Shortly after arriving, we had a "snack" break - left over hummingbird cake.  It was pretty good!
We played some, and then it was time for snack #2 - (watermelon). CRW_9197.jpg (19134 bytes)
Hayden really liked it. CRW_9195.jpg (20615 bytes)
IMG_9178.jpg (19419 bytes) The water was nice - not too cold.
Morgan and Sabrina did some swimming.
Watching from a dry distance while ... IMG_9160.jpg (20652 bytes)
IMG_9169.jpg (29779 bytes) ... the girls played near the dam....
...Leighton gathered wood .... IMG_9168.jpg (15931 bytes)
IMG_9161.jpg (21867 bytes) ... and Hayden looked for bugs!
Even Mr. Goode was there (Mrs. Goode found the camera). CRW_9184.jpg (28763 bytes)
CRW_9204.jpg (28073 bytes) After eating again (hamburgers and hot dogs), it was time for marshmallows!

CRW_9207.jpg (11346 bytes)
Hayden + marshmallow = ...

CRW_9203.jpg (12216 bytes)
... a very sticky face!

Good-bye Garner - it was a blast! IMG_9173.jpg (22452 bytes)
IMG_9211.jpg (16961 bytes) Sunday, we played some games on the porch and watched the hummingbirds.
A few hummingbirds joined us ...... IMG_9214.jpg (5538 bytes)
IMG_9216.jpg (6123 bytes) ... if this rude bird would let them visit our feeders.  We had to chase this bird away to allow others to feed.