March_title.jpg (4528 bytes)

Tent full of Krogstads! IMG_0697.jpg (18356 bytes)
IMG_0626.jpg (30068 bytes) Lost Maples hike.
Clearing the path! IMG_0628.jpg (32011 bytes)
Ashley loved this hat. IMG_0629.jpg (21081 bytes)
IMG_0638.jpg (23525 bytes) Hayden loved the "bug".
Snack break. IMG_0645.jpg (32900 bytes)
IMG_0663.jpg (31788 bytes) Morgan at the waterfall.
"Float the scarf" game. IMG_0664.jpg (32808 bytes)
IMG_0671.jpg (26630 bytes) Rock full of Krogstads.
We found tadpoles... IMG_0676.jpg (21399 bytes)
... and turtles. IMG_0679.jpg (21768 bytes)
IMG_0687.jpg (27557 bytes) Pooped!
Hayden's legs quit working! IMG_0693.jpg (33371 bytes)
Maybe next time we will go to the top of this ridge..... IMG_0630-far.jpg (26376 bytes)
... like these people did!  They are at the top center of the previous picture. IMG_0630.jpg (21060 bytes)