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It takes an entire month to celebrate a birthday this big!

IMG_2816-walk.jpg (21270 bytes)
Melissa made a surprise visit on June 13.

IMG_2818_poco.jpg (14416 bytes)
Poco is still with us.

IMG_2827_braid-1.jpg (16804 bytes)
French braid!

IMG_2828_braid-2.jpg (16126 bytes)
Not bad!

img_2830Lacey-tale.jpg (17552 bytes)
One of Lacey's MANY great police ride-along stories.

IMG_2834Mel-gift-1.jpg (16558 bytes)
Melissa brought Ganga an outfit from her store.

IMG_2839_mel-gift-2.jpg (13010 bytes)

IMG_2843_ganga_mel.jpg (11803 bytes)

IMG_2846_Ganga-John-Mel-Dor.jpg (18221 bytes)

Img1790.jpg (19209 bytes)
Michelle & John show Ganga pictures of their dogs.

Img1815.jpg (13073 bytes)
Zach, John, Pari & Ethan visit Ganga.

Img1825.jpg (21531 bytes)

Img1834.jpg (15950 bytes)
Nancy gives Ganga a manacure.

Img1842.jpg (19600 bytes)
I think Wendy has found a man!

Img1847.jpg (21689 bytes)
Looks like a serious discussion (men?).

Img1845.jpg (12956 bytes)

Img1864.jpg (13795 bytes)
Pari & Ida help light the candles.

Img1867.jpg (17020 bytes)
Zach helps put them out.

Img1873.jpg (20298 bytes)
This is GOOD cake.

Img1880.jpg (17460 bytes)
Ethan cleaned his plate.

Img1884.jpg (13120 bytes)
Reading the many cards.

Img1889.jpg (12409 bytes)

Img1896.jpg (13122 bytes)
Doug dropped by.

Img1906.jpg (18510 bytes)
Ganga and Ethan celebrate 90 + 1 years.

Img1917.jpg (20887 bytes)
This looks like fun.

Img1916.jpg (14074 bytes)
Three kids.

Img1972.jpg (13524 bytes)
Birthday cards, a glass of wine and Poco.
It was a good party!