Bandera county seat courthouse still displays the Nativity at Christmas (see above for wider view).
The Nativity was also shown near the bridge over the Medina River in the park.

The light display in the park is very impressive.  This view is from across the river.
After a few days at home, we headed to Brazoria County for the annual Schuelke Christmas party!  We stayed at Brazos Bend State Park through Christmas weekend.
Trisha led the kids singing some Christmas carols.

The video below is large! it is a video of the two carols that the kids sang.

This is a large file!
Macey photo-shoot slideshow!  Stan, Delores and Macey came for a visit Monday afternoon.  Macey LOVED being outside at the park.
The lights are up including the big Nutcracker.
The mice are ready for the Krogstads to visit!
Leighton showing the correct mouse eating technique.
Before Dad came, we all took a hike to look for alligators.  Sabrina had  injured her foot, so she was pulled in a wagon.
We saw BIG alligators.........
... and small alligators.  The total alligator count was about 21 along with many turtles and lots of birds.
Two birds fishing.
Ashley and Morgan.
Hayden and Sabrina in THE tree at site 221.  It is hard to climb a tree with crutches!
Morgan and Ashley roller-blading around the loop.
Time for a book!