Christmas 2009

Slideshow around the house.
After decorating the house, we headed to Damon for the annual Schuelke family party.  While on the road, we got a call that Doris' brother Franklin had a stroke that morning (12/16) and was lifeflighted to Houston.  He had several strokes after that, and was given a stent in his left carotid artery. 
12/21/09 - Franklin was able to walk with no trouble.  Brain MRI shows no problems, but he is still having seizures.  He is now on EEG to see what is going on.  Speech is fine - only remaining problem is loss of use of right arm.

12/25/09 - Apparently no further strokes/seizures for last two days, and he has regained most of the use of his right arm and hand!!  He was released to go home on Christmas Day!!
The "traditional" Christmas breakfast. Smokies
plastic tree 25 years ago Doris gave John a similar tree for Christmas.  She thought it was plastic until it started turning brown.  The "plastic tree" lasted exactly 20 years and grew to over 8 feet tall before a freeze killed it on Christmas day 2004.  It was sad to see it go, so we are going to try to beat the previous record with this tree.