Christmas 2007

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Jump to Bandera, lunch at McGhees, park in Hondo.

IMG_1504.jpg (26028 bytes) MOO!

Mom and I came to Texas before Christmas.  The first stop was to Brazoria county to see her father and friends.   After the big Schuelke party, we all headed to Bandera.


Family party in Damon.

All I need is a train train - no people needed.

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CRW_1511.jpg (23458 bytes) With Nikolas on swing in back yard.
Mimi is funny. CRW_1517.jpg (18658 bytes)
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Mimi's Nephew Bill made it to the party.  He just moved to Houston and wanted to re-connect with the family. CRW_1528.jpg (21772 bytes)
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There are too many people down there! CRW_1531.jpg (20745 bytes)
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Getting the trains all set up at Mimi's house.

This is serious work!

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IMG_1544.jpg (23442 bytes) Video conference with Dad from Iraq.
Mom shared a "little" good news!! newbaby2007.jpg (37609 bytes)
pregnant.jpg (21648 bytes) YOU'RE PREGNANT ???

Grandma Olga and Grandpa Mike came to pick us up for a short visit in San Antonio.  They got the "NEWS" while on a video conference with Dad.

The children's museum in San Antonio was great fun. DSCN0547.jpg (12063 bytes)

IMG_1559.jpg (19194 bytes) The playground at Mimi & Grandpa's church was fun, and the weather was clear and cool (ok, Mom was COLD).
I like the blue one best. IMG_1562.jpg (20996 bytes)

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After church on Sunday, we went to the McGhees at Mt. Zion, and I could RUN.

IMG_1585.jpg (26177 bytes) I watched some TV with Christopher.......
... and Celsey Ann was there!!! IMG_1584.jpg (20627 bytes)
IMG_1588.jpg (15767 bytes) She was VERY nice.
She sat with me in the big chair...... IMG_1590.jpg (24565 bytes)
She gave me some cool trains..... IMG_1607.jpg (16862 bytes)

BUT, she wanted to KISS me!!!!!
(I got away).

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IMG_1595.jpg (20521 bytes) Mom had to help me with some of the presents from Celsey.

I gave Celsey a worm (I am a boy).
She LOVED it!

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CRW_1612.jpg (20000 bytes) On Monday, we went to Hondo and another playground.  We ate at McDonalds, and saw TWO trains go by.
I was going REALLY high - check out my hair! CRW_1615.jpg (20611 bytes)
CRW_1617.jpg (17322 bytes) I went on a big swing with Mom.
I liked the slide........ CRW_1620.jpg (11915 bytes)
CRW_1621.jpg (27546 bytes) ..... and balance beam.

When we got back from Hondo, Mimi and I played on the floor. CRW_1623.jpg (17250 bytes)
CRW_1628.jpg (22590 bytes) She hid a few times.
I do love my Mimi. CRW_1624.jpg (14532 bytes)
CRW_1630.jpg (17019 bytes) Grandpa is ok, too.