Christmas 2007

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You will note that our greeting is NOT "Happy Holidays" or "Merry XMAS".  Christ is the reason for the season; let's keep Him in Christmas! 

The deer ate this cactus to the dirt during the summer, but it sure came back! IMG_1502.jpg (17905 bytes)
CRW_1624.jpg (15445 bytes) Aidan and Melissa came for a visit before Christmas.  More pictures from that visit are here.

After they went back to COLD Virginia, we hooked up the trailer and went to the Lake Jackson area for Natasha's engagement party and Christmas week.  The McGhees joined us Christmas afternoon.

We dropped by to see Mike, Jody and kids before Christmas.   They will LOVE the climbing tree (below) when they visit us at the park. CRW_1652.jpg (17332 bytes)

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Christmas morning at Brazos Bend State Park.  This is a very cool climbing tree at our site.

CRW_1662.jpg (16229 bytes) We started the morning with Ganga's "lil' smokies and pineapple on toothpicks" and Mimi's sausage pinwheels.
Mimi sent a Christmas message to Chris in Iraq after we talked to Melissa. IMG_1667.jpg (20570 bytes)
CRW_1670.jpg (15537 bytes) Debbie called us from Mexico.  They are having a great time.

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On Christmas afternoon Mac & Linda joined us.  Mimi fixed chicken & dressing, and we had a quiet afternoon.

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On the 26th, Doris & Linda went to town to do some bargain hunting, and Mac & John went on a hike around the park.  This hawk was a majestic sight, and catching him in flight was a bonus!

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Mac looking for alligators at a rest stop.

Found one!!!!

Notice open mouth - the video sound track has John yelling "you are too close"!!!!

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CRW_1702.jpg (22836 bytes) Scratching his back with a branch.

I thought this was going to be my last picture of Mac!!

There was a lot of hissing.  I used a telephoto lens to get close!


PS - Mac did survive.

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The next day, Doris and Linda joined us to see if the gator was still there.

Not to be outdone by Mac, Linda got up close and personal with the gator (with a little help from PhotoShop!).
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CRW_1713.jpg (33421 bytes) No caption needed!
... not here, either! CRW_1717.jpg (31549 bytes)
CRW_1714.jpg (27335 bytes) Sycamore leaves.
Rest stop while looking for more gators. CRW_1725.jpg (22406 bytes)
CRW_1731.jpg (9902 bytes) Cooking dinner.
On Friday afternoon, we took a walk on the jetties at Surfside and ran into Gary, Randall, Ryan and Wendy. PICT2274.jpg (20259 bytes)
PICT2279.jpg (12560 bytes) Mac & Linda at the end of the jetties.
There wasn't a "do not enter" sign, sooooo..... PICT2283.jpg (11217 bytes)
PICT2284.jpg (19083 bytes) This is NOT the Titanic!
Fishing off of the jetties. PICT2286.jpg (26123 bytes)
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Chasing seagulls. PICT2288.jpg (9383 bytes)

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Mimi got her braces removed!

Another gator walk - this one has a big smile! CRW_1737.jpg (27416 bytes)
CRW_1748.jpg (23140 bytes) Doris, Linda & Mac helped a group from Australia find the alligator.
This one is thinking about going back into the warmer water. CRW_1750.jpg (29645 bytes)
CRW_1743.jpg (28505 bytes) A log full of turtles.
A spot of color. CRW_1742.jpg (27162 bytes)
CRW_1764.jpg (23551 bytes) Two alligators... one is very big (and may get bigger if that bird gets much closer).
Mac found another one! CRW_1768.jpg (23211 bytes)
IMG_1793.jpg (13902 bytes) Mike, Jody and the kids  joined us New Year's Eve.  Judy & Keith (Jody's parents) and Tootsie also joined us.  We played games, climbed trees and ate hotdogs.

New Year's eve at Brazos Bend is now officially a tradition (click for 2006)!

They loved our tree! IMG_1781.jpg (26528 bytes)
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Morgan took a nap. IMG_1802.jpg (19322 bytes)
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