Christmas 2006 in Bandera

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Christmas Decorations around
the house our first year
in Bandera.

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Front yard -
These guys got a few looks from
the many grazing deer in the neighborhood.

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We went to the coast for a few days for visits with friends and family. 

Site 206 at Brazos Bend State Park.  This is the same site we stayed at after Christmas, 2004.

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IMG_0371.jpg (15851 bytes) Icicle lights, even though it is almost 80 degrees!
Mouse production in the trailer for the Schuelke Christmas party.

John got a bad stomach virus on Wednesday and spent the next 3 days in the trailer (not a fun part of the trip).   We will return in 2 weeks to try again!

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spider.jpg (13527 bytes) The morning we left, this small (1/4") and strange spider (Astracantha Minax) was on our trailer.

Christmas morning in Bandera.

The cactus we brought from Lake Jackson had a beautiful bloom this morning!

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smokies.jpg (16166 bytes) The traditional Ganga Christmas breakfast - little smokies and pineapple on a toothpick.

We ate  dinner with Tom and Sue and their family (next door).  On the 26th we went to Kerrville to shop and see "The Nativity Story" (a GREAT movie).

On the 29th we went back to Brazos Bend for another orthodontics visit on Tuesday.  The park was full, but we got a nice place in the woods. IMG_0407.jpg (29775 bytes)
IMG_0409.jpg (25243 bytes) After church with the Krogstads, we all went to the park for a picnic and a walk.
Looking for alligators! IMG_0410.jpg (22906 bytes)
IMG_0417.jpg (30368 bytes) Found one!!!
These were a little closer to the path. IMG_0418.jpg (27730 bytes)
IMG_0421.jpg (23484 bytes)
IMG_2312.jpg (34766 bytes) What big teeth you have!
Hayden gets a little help looking for more gators. IMG_2322.jpg (18525 bytes)
IMG_0429-b.jpg (31255 bytes) The end of a fun walk.
Back at the trailer for hot dogs and smores. IMG_2330.jpg (25264 bytes)
IMG_2331.jpg (16441 bytes) Hayden waiting for a marshmallow.
IMG_2332.jpg (12970 bytes) Yum !!!