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Quite different from the snow of 2004!

John, Pari and the boys visited this year; we started off with a picnic at Brazos Bend State Park.

PICT1227.jpg (31099 bytes)
PICT1238.jpg (38782 bytes) Mimi showed Zach and Ethan the fine art of marshmallow cooking.
Cool baby alligator! IMG_0964.jpg (18739 bytes)
IMG_0961.jpg (18596 bytes) Zachary got to pet him on the tail.
After petting the small alligator in the visitor center, we saw these guys sunning on the bank of the lake. PICT1241.jpg (30824 bytes)
PICT1249.jpg (27578 bytes) Zach and Ethan got to ride Molly at Tootsie's house in Damon.
PICT1268.jpg (24142 bytes) Zach walked Molly......
..... and then brushed her. PICT1276.jpg (17742 bytes)
CRW_8757.jpg (39304 bytes) Friday we all went to the Space Center in Houston.

This was a GREAT play structure!

There were lots of soft balls to play with. CRW_8785.jpg (18248 bytes)
IMG_8751.jpg (25248 bytes) Dad had to go extract Ethan from the structure - he did not want to leave!
Check out the red cheeks after lots of running and climbing. CRW_8788.jpg (15265 bytes)
CRW_8789.jpg (13341 bytes) There was a cool slide to exit.
Lots of computer games! CRW_8763.jpg (17335 bytes)
BIG exercise bike.... CRW_8764.jpg (20701 bytes)
CRW_8770.jpg (11156 bytes) ... and space helmets.
Shuttle control center. CRW_8776.jpg (18703 bytes)
CRW_8783.jpg (13778 bytes) Space station docking.
Cool way to fly. IMG_8754.jpg (14825 bytes)
IMG_8756.jpg (20210 bytes) A visit from the astronauts.

CRW_8791.jpg (14632 bytes)
That was a LOT of work (and fun).

Mimi and Ethan made Christmas mice..... CRW_8795.jpg (21345 bytes)
... and Dad ate one! CRW_8798.jpg (15443 bytes)

Christmas Eve was gift time at Mimi and Grandpa's house.

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E got his own Leapster and a Leapster game.

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Zach got a new Knex and money for the ATM machine.