Christmas in Dallas with Ganga,
Richard and Nancy

Christmas-cactus.jpg (15155 bytes)
The Christmas Cactus was blooming at home
before we left for Dallas.

Dallas_ganga-microwave.jpg (14630 bytes)
The first project was to replace the broken microwave.

Dallas_family-pic.jpg (18434 bytes)
Ganga with her boys (+ Doris & Nancy).

Dallas-Santa-and-Ganga.jpg (19101 bytes)
Santa and Ganga.

Dallas_Santa-Pepermint-crea.jpg (19799 bytes)
Santa was not sure "she" wanted to part with
this gift!

Dallas_Ganga-dog-treats.jpg (20241 bytes)
Lots of treats for Poco.

Dallas-Ganga-snowman.jpg (14645 bytes)
Cool snowman.

Dallas_-Matthew-picture_2.jpg (18849 bytes)
A picture of Matthew!!