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Making the traditional molasses cookies.

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We need a bigger pot next year!

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We supported the Salvation Army
with gifts for several local children.

Amy.jpg (22070 bytes)
Amy, 12 years old

Taqudyah.jpg (19774 bytes)
Taqudyah, 5 years old

jose.jpg (18102 bytes)
Jose, 2 1/2 years old

Tiara.jpg (25490 bytes)
Tiara, 1 year old

The Christmas cactus had a double bloom.
There are Nativity sets and Nutcrackers everywhere!
mouse production.jpg (19926 bytes)
Mouse production.
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Schuelke Clan party in Lake Jackson

piano players.jpg (21056 bytes)
The girls played the piano.
couch full of trouble.jpg (17172 bytes)
Some of the wild ones!
Chris digs in.jpg (23225 bytes)
Chris is making up for a late start.
table shot.jpg (20548 bytes)
Resting before desert.
game of 42.jpg (17412 bytes)
A "wild" game of 42.
Melissa and Chris.jpg (21475 bytes)
Letting the food settle.

Dallas with Ganga, Richard, Nancy, Michelle and John.

watching legally blond.jpg (23402 bytes)
We watched "Legally Blond" with John & Aggie.
Ganga eye.jpg (22707 bytes)
Ganga could not hide the eye
(from recent fall).

Lacey.jpg (20951 bytes)Wendy.jpg (18669 bytes)
Lacey and Wendy joined us on Christmas eve.

Michelle and John.jpg (21235 bytes)
Michelle and John
ganga and santa.jpg (31009 bytes)
John H. was Santa.
Nancy by the fire.jpg (14047 bytes)
Nancy had the warm seat.
Richard and camera.jpg (19331 bytes)
While Richard photographed the action.
Richard cooking eggs.jpg (14731 bytes)
Then he cooked up some eggs.
Michelle eating mouse.jpg (19953 bytes)
Michelle demonstrated proper mouse
eating technique.
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