Matthew (#4) baseball game.  
Video - two hits!   
We hiked to a winery on Sunday.

There was a pretty lake near the winery.
It is easy to climb trees like this!
Almost there.
A VERY big peacock in a tree at the winery.
GP, Mom & Matthew visited the California Academy of Sciences museum and Planetarium. 

The entire museum roof was "green".
As we were leaving, they evacuated the entire building because of "an emergency situation".
Spencer, Matthew and GP went to Ames Research Center while Deborah was at the gym.

It was very low tide at Half Moon Bay.
Deborah, Spencer & Matthew checked out the tidal pools for trapped animals.

Fishing trip to the mountains
Matthew had fun, but the fish were safe.
Deborah found a sunbeam to do some reading.
Saturday morning car wash.
Breakfast factory.
A card game with Mom & Mimi.

Note "breakfast" on counter!