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Mimi and Matthew building a Taco Bell! PICT1591.jpg (21629 bytes)
PICT1593.jpg (17722 bytes) Winery tour, picnic and hike.
We had visitors for lunch. PICT1606.jpg (21623 bytes)
PICT1611.jpg (26570 bytes) Just like Oscar, waiting for some scraps!
After lunch, we went to a state park for a hike in a redwood tree grove. PICT1614.jpg (25434 bytes)
PICT1625.jpg (26804 bytes) We planted Matthew.
This picture was taken from within a big, hollow tree. PICT1633.jpg (14165 bytes)
PICT1627.jpg (23765 bytes) At one time this was a window, but the bark has grown over the outside (also taken from inside the tree).
Matthew in a tree! PICT1635.jpg (15000 bytes)
PICT1641.jpg (11401 bytes) The next stop was another park at the beach.  Lots of Pelicans and Seagulls.
It was cool and WINDY. PICT1640.jpg (19573 bytes)
PICT1649.jpg (19917 bytes) Next to this park was a marina with lots of cool exhibits.   This is a BIG whale skeleton.
A large star fish. PICT1645.jpg (26935 bytes)
PICT1646.jpg (15912 bytes) A funny shark.
Matthew got some jam time in before we went to the Jelly Belly factory. PICT1653.jpg (25131 bytes)
PICT1655.jpg (28461 bytes) Lunch at the factory!
Mr. Jelly Belly, Matthew and Mom. PICT1657.jpg (20867 bytes)
Mimi read Ethan & Zach a book when we got there. PICT1658.jpg (20307 bytes)
PICT1659.jpg (9360 bytes) John got home about midnight, and was still sacked out when everyone got up the following morning.
Deborah slept in and a sick Zach was under her bed. PICT1661.jpg (22389 bytes)
PICT1670.jpg (22141 bytes) Matthew gave Zach a shot to perk him up!
Matthew and Ethan "playing". PICT1666.jpg (18549 bytes)

PICT1668.jpg (11447 bytes) PICT1669.jpg (13144 bytes)
Matthew and Ethan practice flying from the wall ladder.

PICT1681.jpg (16706 bytes) Darth Vader and three Goode boys.
John gets his soccer team ready to play..... PICT1686.jpg (29720 bytes)
... while Ethan relaxes with a cool one. PICT1684.jpg (29415 bytes)
PICT1687.jpg (18170 bytes) It was a fun game!!!
After the game, we went to the State Fair. PICT1690.jpg (31128 bytes)
IMG_2088.jpg (20064 bytes) Ethan liked the elephant.
Zach and Ethan are in the yellow boat.  They shot several kids in other boats...... PICT1700.jpg (20108 bytes)
..... who then ganged up on them!!! PICT1704.jpg (23877 bytes)
PICT1710.jpg (18761 bytes) Ethan finally figured out the bumper car.
E really liked the merry-go-round. PICT1708.jpg (22491 bytes)
PICT1714.jpg (18742 bytes) Two girls checked out Zach as he went down the super slide.

PICT1715.jpg (19260 bytes)  PICT1716.jpg (19325 bytes)
John took Ethan first, but he went again on his own.

IMG_2112.jpg (15731 bytes)   IMG_2119.jpg (23368 bytes)
It was a hot day - it was time for Snow Cones!

Ethan and Zach got rides to the car. IMG_2136.jpg (28046 bytes)

PICT1719.jpg (19519 bytes)   PICT1721.jpg (26851 bytes)
The next day John started his BBQ and we went to a park.

PICT1724.jpg (28402 bytes) This is how you do it.
Zach did a good job. PICT1725.jpg (27684 bytes)
PICT1729.jpg (23524 bytes) When we got home, it was time to turn the meat!
Ethan got a new bubble maker. PICT1735.jpg (27307 bytes)
PICT1741.jpg (40295 bytes) Mimi blew him some to "catch"....
..... while Grandpa and Dad worked on the irrigation system. PICT1749.jpg (23937 bytes)
PICT1754.jpg (12839 bytes) The BBQ was a hit; Ethan really liked the ribs!