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Jade painted Mimi's toes blue for Matthew (his favorite color!).

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Bob's weekly garage cleaning.

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Mimi, Matthew and Mom picked tomatoes.  This is ONE plant!!

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Apple break - these were VERY good!

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A quick walk around the block.

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Bob played light saber with neighborhood kids.

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Matthew checked Mimi's heart while she did her stretches...

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...Then they jammed in his room.

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Matthew built this drum set by himself.  The microphone is his T-ball tee!!   Click the links below to see a 30 second video clip of Matthew in concert:

Broadband (DSL, cable) - about 2MB file
Dial up - about 0.16MB file (small image)

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Deborah's corner with chairs, table and lamp from Ganga.
Click here for Virtual Reality Tour of this room (large file and requires QuickTime to view).

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The final project - wine corks glued on a board to go on wall behind kitchen desk.