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We had a great room outside the park at El Portal, CA., next to the Merced River.   CLICK HERE to see and hear the video Doris took with her Palm Pilot.

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Doris taking video picture from balcony.

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The "Arch Rock" park entrance.

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Wolf near the road.  There was still snow from the big storm the day before we arrived.

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Our rental car - nice!

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Bridalveil Falls had water, courtesy of the storm.

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So did Yosemite Falls.

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Upper and Lower falls.

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Half Dome reflected in Merced River.

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On our way out the first day, we saw a large "collection" of TV crews and a rescue helicopter.  There were climbers stranded on the face of El Capitan.

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The helicopter made several trips to bring in supplies.

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The next morning, the TV crews were still there. This reporter was interviewing visitors.

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This is a picture of a rescue in progress while the helicopter passes overhead to check on the climbers.  Several rescue teams were taken to the top of El Capitan to repel down for rescue attempts.  At least three climber groups were rescued, and one Japanese couple died before they could be rescued.  All spent the night on the face of the mountain in snow and below freezing temperatures.

This storm was more severe than expected, and some climbers were not well prepared for this very difficult climb.

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Remains of snowman on table in the park.

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It was foggy the morning we left.

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Coffee on the balcony.

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Final view of the valley as we leave.

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Fortunately, we did not have to buy gas here!!